Apple Next Big Thing Is Not Gadget - BusinessInsider Says (Updated)


If Apple’s next big things will not be a Gadget then what it will be?

Business Insider says it will be new software. Is that really true?

For a common investor, performance of company will be defined by its stock performance in stock market. If we observe some data, we can see, Share of Apple (AAPL) price have dropped from a high of over US$700 a share to around $400 now.

All time high:       $705.07 - 09/21/2012
Then it reached as low to         $385.1 - 04/19/2013,
Close price-        $417.205 -  04/26/2013
(Source: nasdaq chart)

That means it has dropped to as low as, 45 percent  or more in less than one year.
Especially this is due to business analyst believe Apple products specially iPhones are now in nearly saturation period.

In General view, we can say now people have many options than before. And Brand loyalty seems to become secondary thing. Samsung almost beats Apple in smart phone manufacturing, now Samsung share of the segment is higher than Apple.

Apple Moves From Product To Software:

After Former CEO and Founder of Apple Steve Job, now in the leadership of Tim Cook, Apple is planning to focus more on its software development program.

BusinessInsider says, at World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) on June 10-14 where thousands of Apples Products’ Software maker will gather , Tim Cook will announce Apple Future plan on Moving to Software Business.

Apple’s currently most important software, iOS, that powers iPhones, iPads and iPads Touches. According to BusinessInsider, combined of those products accounted for $32.6 billion revenue last quarter, of 75% of Apple’s Combined Revenue.

Does it look like Apple Sifting from its Core Business?

When you say Apple, in your mind physical products of Apple come, rather than software. Its core business not same like Microsoft. Lover of Apple, definitely want Apple produces its products forever. If Apple really switch its focus from Products to Software, have to wait reaction from its Shareholders and its User.
Sustainability of Brand Value is very important, when Business Analysts are saying its basic line products are in saturation period.  We hope strong team of Apple will  make Apple again in most valuable brand.

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