Google's Products Are Very Simple To Use- One Great Reasons, It Has LibraryGoo

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Google's Product like Google- search, images, maps, gmail and blogger and others are very simple to use and they always look like built in calm place. So What you think the reasons behind this?

Internet Giant Google’s Offices Have Reading Library Full of books

What comes in your mind, when you think about Google Office. Most possible you think full of computers, laptops, like gadgets. But you are not completely right. Google’s offices also keep old time office style environment. Google offices have library full of books where employees and visitors enjoy by reading books.

This is the great reasons why products of Google seems very simple but always leads the categories. Because having libraries in their offices brings cool and calm thoughts in employee’s mind.

This indicates that important of books and making library in offices. No matter how much technology makes you paper less, but when it comes to book, nothing can replace book completely.  

And having mini library in the offices shows the quality of office. When you have library in your home, it changes your home’s environment. That may helps to bring positive and calm thought in family members.
For personally you can trust guys with book. When you go with books it makes you cool and bring positive thought. It  feels like you are going to do great job.

Google Library
So if you want to provide good environment in your offices or in your home, give some place to good books make mini library and see what changes will happen.

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