Want To Start Trading In Stock, Forex - Most Read This (Few Words For Beginners)

If You Are Beginner, This Article Helps You 

According to Forbes, investment is the most billionaire producing industry in the US, which made 148 billionaire. This is also no. 1 in making billionaire world wide. On 2013 Forbes billionaire list Investment sectorproduced 148 billionaire world wide.

And by some means all billionaires are involved in investment industry. And this is most searched and studied area in the industry. Time has changed, now this is not same like time of world famous investment guru Warren Buffet starting time and now your time.

If you are beginner and want to start trading on stock please read this article. I hope you can applied this elsewhere.
I said time has changed, to support this statement, I like to say, leverage and access words. Now you can leverage in your investment trading, and you have easy access to trade now, with a computer with internet and valid account you can trade from elsewhere.

The best part of it is,  you have leverage option and easy access than ever. And worst part is you can easily loss huge money. Warren Buffet also against the use of high leverage and this kind of day-trading. He is value investor, that means once he buys he holds it for forever or has mind set to hold it forever. But this is not going to happen in online trading or day trading.

If you want to start trading in stock market or Forex market, do research at least for six to one year. Find out how many people are getting rich in online trading. Who sells you scheme to become rich in trading online, study about them, are they really success, because this is not like teacher can not practice. This is not sports where coach can not play in ground. So study them first.
Search and research as much as you can. If someone you know, he is doing great in trading, go and learn with him. Spend your time in his trading room.

Most Important Point:

Most important point is open demo account, if you google you can find, the way of opening demo account. Open demo account with the amount actually you want to invest, and learn different strategies, learn different technical and fundamental methods and tools.  See how long you can make consistent profit. Make your demo account in positive figure at least for one year, because usually it take one year to make full trade cycle. If you still able to make profit for whole one year, still this is not right time to open real account. Before opening real account, calculate how much you made profit. If you profit is less than 25 percent of total investment, alert this is not good field for you. Because when you are doing with real account, your performance will not be same like demo account.

In conclusion:

If you make this is just for some fun or entertainment this is ok. Involve in business of tangible products rather than in intangible. Don’t listen quick rich scheme. Don’t spend your money. Only spend your pocket money to do trade, sometimes this is ok to spend your holiday’s saving money.  Remember, don’t spend your money before you have it. Keep in mind that, hedge fund manager and you personal trader are not same. They are paid even they made loss. But in your case this is not applied. Think if you are paid for basic salary even you do loss and percentage of profit if you make gain, you definitely can do better. And also hedge funds owner , don’t depend on online trading. They have multiple source of cash flow. And also Billionaire from investor means not only investing in stock. They create company and make it public. Do some research.  I also write here good articles.

At last, if you are young and want to learn, do more research and keep in mind that if you do loss, this does  not impact your personal life and you are just spending one stream of your overall cash flow.
If you want to be rich do some research.

I am beginner not expert and I want to share and learn with you.I only refer you good articles from the web, I only link trust worthy link in my article, which leads you to have better information. If you want to have me in your google+ add me and comment me. Together we can grow.

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