Interview with china's richest man Zong Qinghou

Zong Quinghou
Founder, Chairman and CEO of Hangzhou Wahaha Group
Age: 67
Source of wealth: Beverages, Self-made
Country of Citizenship: China
Net Worth: $11.6 Billion (March-2013) forbes
Education: Secondary School Level

This Billionaire lives simple life. His average spending is $20 per day. He wears plain clothes and sneakers wherever he goes. In one interview He stated:
"People cannot tell if I were wearing cloths worth a thousand ($160) or a hundred ($16), so why would I want to spend money on them?"
 His daily meal-menu comes with simple foods. He prefers monk-like devotion to duty and his life style. According to him, living this kind of life style that keeps him humble and down to earth. Unlike many business owners or executives, Qinghou eats with his workers during lunch and spends  lot of time with them. Qinghou has never once fired an employee for the entire course of his career as the head of the Hangzhou Wahaha Group.
Zong Qinghou showing his company product

He states that being focused on doing one thing and doing it properly is both simple yet difficult, but it ensures that you will succeed and achieve your goal. His work ethics have kept him disciplined and have enabled him to succeed in areas where most other could not.

In an interview made by BBC Nick Rosen, he said:
"My only exercise is doing market only hobbies are smoking and drinking tea."

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