Actually, What Is Google Glass? (Updated)

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What is Google Glass? 

Google Glass is a product of Google in the Project Glass Research and Development Project, is being developed by Google X-Lab. Google Glass is a Wearable Computer with a head-mounted display. (Wikipedia).

What it Does?

Google Glass Does:
  • Takes a picture.
  • It records what you see (hands-free)
  • Share what you see (live)
  • Shows direction right in front of you
  • Send a message from your voice command
  • Ask anything and it answers (Google search features)
  • It can translate your voice in to different language, (then I can speak in so many language)

What Is The Price of Google Glass

Developer Version being sent out now Limited Costs $1500
The consumer versions, expected to arrive by the end of 2013 – Price not being quoted

Social Media Review on Google Glass

Here are some review from big social media like Mashable and Businessinsider

Mashable says,  Google Glass is an impressive piece of work, Google Glass is the future, (More Mashable Coverage on Google Glass), Mashable is featuring positive aspects of Google Glass.

But take a look


Google Glass is futuristic technology. Google knows better.

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