What Is Google IO And Key Feature Of G-IO 2013 (Simplified)

What  Google IO Means

I/O means Input/OutPut

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Google IO Stand for Google 'Input and Output'. That means what Google Developers Inputs to bring out 'Best Output' for Google end users.

Google I/O is an annual conference of Developers of Google platform, which is taking place Wednesday in San Francisco.

Some Key Highlights of Google IO -2013

Google Plus:
Google is going to re-designed Google plus (social site of Google). Cnet says, new features will 'Knowledge Graph' (Facebook has graph search). At present Google+ has 190 million active users where as Facebook has 1,110 active users.

Google Maps:
Google maps will be in list of new changes. Its key changes might be new interface, 3D, and social search. Currently more than 1 million web sites are using Google Map.

Google Play:
Google Play is platform of more than 1 billion applications. Making easy access and changing games rules are majors changes.

Google Plus Music All Access
This is Google's Streaming music service available for $8 a month, who are ready to use service by June 30.

Google Cloud Messaging:
More than 1 billion messages are being sent per day using this services and this will be in the next modification list.

Google Chrome:
Currently Google Chrome has 750 monthly active user. Whereas last year this number was 450 million monthly active user. More features will be added in the Google Chrome.

Now Google Android has 900 million activated users. Users will be more benefited from new coming features.

Google Search:
Google Search comes with features like voice recognition and natural language.

Google Now
Google Now will be helpful personal assistant.

Android Studio:

This Studio provides more and more facilities to developers. 

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