Facebook Newest Data Center In Luelea,Sweden Goes Live.

Facebook newest data center in Luelea, Sweden goes live.

Facebook Newest Data Center- Luelea Pic Credit: facebook.com/Facebook

According to official page of Facebook, Facebook's newest data center-in Luelea Sweden is now operating and handling live traffic from around the world

Page says,
Facebook's newest data center-one of the most efficient and sustainable data centers on the planet-is now serving live traffic from around the world. - Source facebook official page.

This data center is important also in the sense of environment friendly nature. According to source this data center uses 100 % renewable energy. All the equipment running in this data centers are powered by locally generated hydro-electric energy. In that note facebooks said more about its environmental friendly nature rather than its work.

"......we are using the chilly Nordic air to cool the thousands of servers that store your photos, videos, comments, and Likes. Any excess heat that is produced is used to keep our office warm."
In whole this announcement article, words are describing how this data center and efficient and only uses natural resource and more eco-friendly than ever.
And Facebook also express its gratitude to people of Lulea.
"..............Thank you, Lulea - we couldn't have done this without you!.

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