Blogging Tips: How To Write Great Blog Post

How to write top blog posts?

Here are some numbers of points, which help you to write better blog post.
1. Content research: Analysis more about content and create keyword-rich content for search engine
2. Theme and layout: make theme and layout, which helps to keep your audience engaged and returning to your website.Apply right theme based on your niche or industry.
3. Originality of contents: Write original, high quality, SEO friendly articles that communicate your message.
4. About audiences: Know that, you are talking to a wide variety of audiences.
5. Answer: try to solve problem of readers, or your targeted audiences.

6. Communication skills: show your communication skills.
7. Post format: include relevant images, videos per post.
8. Size of post: make your post size readable but not time consumable.
9. Read blogs: read other bloggers’ blog and comments on those blogs.
10. Just write: you do not need to be 100 percent right to write, just keep writing.
11. Experiment on writing: dare to experiment with different topics and writing style.
12. Numbers of blog on your blogging project: you do not need to make different blogs for different topic. Just focus on one or two blogs.
13. Google algorithm: for any blogger Google search result plays crucial role. So learn about latest Google algorithm changes or updates.
14. Sharing on social medias: share your blog post on different social media means.
15. Longterm goal: keep long-term goal. Write for long-term periods.
16. Motivation is essential point: always keep yourself motivated to write and share new things.
17. Interlinking: You can not control incoming links to your blog, but you can control 100 of your inter-post-linking. So give right numbers of internal links.

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