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Top Kids' Website: Time for kids

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Time for kids is a weekly classroom news that motivates kids to read.
This website is very useful for kids and teachers also.
Websites says, Time for kids a powerful teaching tool, that helps to build reading and writing skills and is easily integrated across curriculum, including social studies, science and math.

Paid subscription is required to full access of quizzes, worksheets, and more.

More about TFK's print editions:

Readers can choose from four reading levels. They are Grades K-1, Grade 2, Grades 3-4, and Grade 5-6.

Time for kids has following main sections:
News: News section covers all news, world, nation, science, entertainment, health, sports, specials, for teachers, TFK extras and polls.
Remaining sections are:
Around the world, Homework Helper, Photos and video, Mini-sites, TFK Extras and Stores.

Best Part of Time for kids.

Kid reporters: In this sections visitor can enjoy, reporting from TFK's kid reporters (Team). The best part is, actually TFK reporters are selected from a open contest. And final 10 kids will become kid reporter for next session.
Next announcement about the contest: In March 2014.
What TFK reporters will do?
The kid reporters will do interviews and get the scoop on local and national news for TFK's magazines and website.
For more information:
Name list of 2013-2014 Team
1. Camryn Garrett
Age 13
Bay Shore, NY

2. Gloria Choi
Age 13
Cypress, CA

3. Grace Clark
New York, NY

4. Graham Ross
Age 10
Memphis, TN

5. Kristen Rigsby
Age 13
Chicago, IL

6. Max Siegel
Age 11
Brookline, MA

7. Patty McClain
Age 10
Shawnee, KS

8. Rachel Landis
Age 12
New York, NY

9. Rapheal Chambers
Age 12
Reston, VA

10. Raymond Baartmans
Age 11
Portland, OR

See complete Bio of kid reporters:

Recent Attraction:
2014 TFK Poetry Contest
Last date to submit poem: January 24, 2014
For more information: 2014 TFK poetry contest.


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