Online Income Method 2014: Lesson From

Online business model:

Which advertising models work for you, Adsense, or alternatives or affiliates or others?  Do you know you can create your website monetize method. This article present an example, how some website owners are earning through their own website monetize models.
Today we try to look and get some insight of website monetize business model of

About Blog Host:
Founder: Cathy Demers
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About Cathy Demers:
Cathy Demers is winner of the Canadian Woman Entrepreneur Award. She has working experience with Microsoft and IBM. She co-founded a company with a tiny $10K investment and turned it into a company worth over 20 million.
About business success
This is a website with over 100 interviews of business experts. Business-success-cafe is a weekly gathering of small business owners from around the globe.
In website home page, you will see, "The business success cafe is...the perfect coffee break for busy business owners! And to be noted sentence is only 20 minutes.

But today our concern is to take some lesson from business-success-café’s online business model.

Monetize method of business-success-café.com

As we said is a website with over 100 interviews of business experts. To get access pass to these  20 minute videos (weekly series), visitors need to be paid subscribers.
Subscriptions model:
Annual subscription fee: $47 per year or for 52 videos. and
Monthly subscription fee: $9.97 per month or for 4 videos.
100 subscribers = $9.97×100 = $997 per month.
1000 subscribers = $9.97×1000 = $9997 per month and so on.

Best part of this online business model:

Host works on weekly base to post her work on this blog. So working just 4 days per month, she is earning notable income. Later she can also write book including all 52 interviews and get paid doing so.

Lesson learned:
Now if we can create valuable content (texts or videos) that helps our targeted visitors, then we can easily create a blog or website and ask visitors to be paid subscribers.
Now this is our task to create some useful information on regular basis and start building paid subscribers, subscription rate can be vary depend upon niche and targeted  visitors.

In coming articles we will check more business model that enables website owners or blog owners to monetize.

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