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Your uniqueness on template design also affects performance on eBay auction business. So today I am going to share beautiful website that allows you to install eBay Template for fee, you can also customize it. This site also provides free image hosting service.
This website is the house of high quality auction templates for your auction business and eBay listing. With very basic knowledge you can install any templates that you find, fit for your auction business.
This website has following main categories of free auction designs.

  • Holiday: Dozens of free templates you will get on this category. Subcategories are  Easter, Christmas, Happy Holidays, New year, Valentines Day and so on. All  are  very acceptable for eBay and other auction purpose.
  • Romantic: subcategories are ladies, Gentlemen, Accessories and Hearts Love.
  • Plain: subcategories are No Graphic Design, Just Background, Tops and Bottoms, Simple Basic.
  • Shopping: subcategories are Sale, Out Shopping, Gift Presents.
  • Style: Subcategories are boutique, vintage, Illustrations, Shabby Victorian, Corner Edge Design Retro.
  • Fashions: Subcategories are Fashion, Jewelry Bling, Wedding Bridal.

Other main categories are:

  • Patterns
  • Product Theme
  • Effects
  • Seasons
  • Nature
  • Health
  • Craft
  • Store and Booths.

This link leads you to site's video tutorials.where  you can find answers of several basic questions.
How to use website Quick summary.
How to create templates with the template creator service
How to generate html and use in eBay listing
How to use our file management system.
How to save template content boxes.
How to manually edit template html
How to use 3rd party image hosting.

More about

Site was created in 2007. And this is a eBay developer program member.
Most of the visitors are from USA. Visitors statistics: United states 29.9 percent, UK 13.8 percent, India 8.1%.
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Feel free to visit and apply awesome free templates for your eBay auction business.


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