Perfect Example: Hobby Turn Into Trusted Source of Auction News (Website)

Today I am going to share about one of the most interesting sites related: most informative websites 2014 on the web. Once you visit, you want to stay there long. This site's main theme is based on money, but it does not tell you how to earn money or best online business ideas 2014.

Trusted Source of Auction News:

James Massey: Pic credit

Website name is, this is an auction-info aggregator site, here publisher manually collects auction reports, world record auction price of rare items and goods like Antiques, art, bizarre things, books, jewelry, cars, sporting goods, celebrities' stuff and so on.
There are tons of interesting materials to read or discover here are only two examples.

Publisher of

Name: James Massey (on photo), Former real estate investor, an enthusiastic person with odd habit of tracking best selling rare and unusual auction.
More about James:


James converted his passion into website in 2008. Now has become on of the best source of auction news on the web. This website has been featured in top Medias: USA Today, MSN Money, CBS, The Huffington Post and several websites.

Things to do or Lesson Learned:

Sharing is a good things, your single hobby can entertain or provide best information for millions of others. So try to share your hobbies or your right habit, if you catch right tools of sharing, then it can also become one of the notable source of your income.  Related: Online Income Method 2014: Lesson From

Do you know, there are many people who have similar interest and like to read similar stuffs that you read? And if by chance they come to your website or blog, they eventually become your regular visitors and also some of them contribute to your website or blog.
Example, you love to read interesting stuff on web. And start collecting amazing articles or facts then you indexed them in your personal blog or website just for your personal reading purpose or flashback. Later that can be your tools of web exposure or even more money making online tools.

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