Top 19 List of Great Marketing Ideas For Small Business

Marketing Ideas For Small Business

Great Business Ideas: Marketing tools: Do you know the survival rate of small business enterprise in USA? Research those data which shows you how tough to sustain in startup. There are many factors which lead this result. To be survived in new startup many skill are required one of them is Marketing skills.
Today I am writing best marketing ideas for small business.
Let me tell you who actually needs these ideas? Well, in my personal thoughts, who are involved affiliated service and products program.
Because I think Steve Jobs does not need to learn any marketing skills, because who can tell better than Steve Jobs about Apple products?
Who can tell better than Bill Gates about Microsoft products?
Who can tell better than Mark Zuckerberg about Facebook ?
I mean if you believe your invention and your own researched products, then by nature you might have already known how to market your products.
However if you are engaged in affiliated products or services and you are running your own business then you should know about marketing ideas.
You should know: Marketing phase
There are 3 main phase:
First phase: when you have products/services before than customer.
Second phase:  The time of selling.
Third phase: post-sale phase.
First phase requires your home work and remaining two phases give or add value to your business or brand.
Following points covers all three phases and give you some ideas about how to market your small business.

Great Small business marketing ideas:

Pre-phase of Marketing ideas

1. Know your product: No matter whether you are selling your own product or affiliated product your first work is to know all about those products. Because if you know better then only you can market better.
2. Research customer needs: research yourself if there any substitute or complementary products.
3. Research customer paying capacity: Remember good seller know customer budget and help them to have planned and disciplined spending habits.

Internet marketing ideas

4. Use social media networks: Use social networking websites to cover recent trend and leverage your marketing skills.
5. Email marketing: This is traditional weapon of marketing but very effective.
6. Marketing through website and blog: make you own website and write blog frequently.
7. Join forum and groups: Join online forum and groups which are related to your business and your expertise.
8. Use free-classifieds site: you can use free classifieds site like to promote your new offers. (Main: List of top free classifieds sites in the world).
But remember: do not spam, only provide qualitative information. You can send email on regular basis for example every Sunday.

Marketing strategies using different business tools

9. Business cards: Learn how to use your business cards as marketing tools. (main: know how to use business card as marketing tools).
10. Decorate your office/outlet/stores/: know how to decorate and present your office shape and how to keep your office environment, which attracts and retain customers.

Qualitative best marketing ideas

11. Offer quality products: care users’ health, money and environment. Only offer quality products and service. If you do so, then you score 90 percent in marketing.
12. Connection and relation: make great relation and spread connection with your suppliers.
13. Treat equally to all customers.
14. Be supportive and present nicely when customer comes to return your products.
15. Offer post-sale service: Remember if you can touch with your customer after you sell your products or service then you more likely to make them your repeated customers.
16. Promise Less, Give more: You know what I mean.
17. Think Big: act like you are going to make your business big in coming years.

Other marketing tips:

18. Be a sponsor: Be a sponsor of local events (suitable for med-level enterprises).
19. Customer feed back mechanism: Make mechanism to set great customer feedback.

Further Reading:

Make habit of study, at least one marketing book per month.